2021 OPSSA Membership Details

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Please list your full school name. ie
Alexandra Primary School
Brockville Full Primary School
Green Island School
Tahuna Normal Intermediate School

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Postal Address
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7 Redback Street
Postal Suburb
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7 Redback Street
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Only include (03) prefix if required for calls from Dunedin.
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(03) 456 1234
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Use an email alias rather than real name email addresses if it exists.
This will help ensure messages get through even with personnel changes.
ie principal@your-school-domain.school.nz
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Administration Details
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Again use an email alias if they exit rather than real name email addresses.
ie office@your-school-domain.school.nz

U Roll
1 1-50 students
2 51-100 students
3 101-150 students
4 151-300 students
5 301-500 students

Admin Email Address
School MoE Number
School U Number
Cross Country Details
Cross Country Contact Name

Please remember your Year 7&8 students will compete in a different School based Zone than your Year 5&6 students.
Redback School
Year 5&6: North Zone
Year 7&8: Redback

Cross Country Email Address
Cross Country Phone Number
2021 Year 5&6 Cross Country Zone
2021 Year 7&8 Cross Country Zone
Athletics Details
Athletics Contact Name
Again for some Full Primary Schools your Year 7&8 students may well compete in a different Athletics Zone meet to your Year 5 and 6 Students.
Athletics Email Address
Athletics Phone Number
2021 Athletics Zone
2021 Year 7&8 Athletics Zone